Please note that the terminology used in this article may differ from your account since labels such as term, class, session and so on are configurable per account.

  1. Select Classes > New Class to go to the New Class page.

2. Complete the details section by completing the class name, price and choose between per-session price (for example £6 per session) or a per-class or term pricing (for example £60 flat for the entire class).
Warning: The pricing scheme can not be changed once the class has been created. To change it you would need to duplicate or recreate the class. 

Note: membermeister will automatically calculate the correct fee during an invoice run if you choose per-session pricing. Membermeister will use the number of active sessions/weeks and multiple this by the per-session price to arrive at the correct overall price per student. 

Option: add Location information, pick a class colour (this shows on the calendar) and add students. Students can also be added later. 

3. Complete the Schedule section by choosing a start and end time as well as a start date the number of weeks. Note: the session taking place on the start date needs to be included when counting the number of weeks. 

4. For a custom schedule please select the Custom schedule option.
Note: This articles focuses on a regular schedule. 

5. Select 'Create class' when you're ready to create the class.

Want to add a session or delete a session once you have created a class?

Delete a day / session

To delete first select the day/session you want to delete by clicking on it on the timeline. Then select delete.

Add a day / session

To add a new day/session select the more... button, then select Add session.

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