To help your existing customers review and confirm their details you can include a link in any message that you send. The message will contain a link to the customer's own personalised form the contents of which you can control.

NOTE: new customers normally use the registration form in membermeister to provide these details. The feature we are covering here is normally used to send messages to existing customers who haven't provided this information before or who should update or confirm the information you already hold. 

Typical examples for when to use this feature include obtaining consent for storing personally identifiable data in line with the GDPR or obtaining agreement to your Terms and Conditions.

Sending a message to request an update or consent

When sending a message you can select the 'Include confirmation link' option. Everyone included as a message recipient will then receive a link to their own personalised confirmation form.

Below you can see an example message containing the link that was inserted into the message by selecting the 'Include confirmation link' option. .

Controlling the contents of the form

You can add multiple 'custom fields' to your form which your customers can then use to update their details.

Below is an example of a form which contains the details for two members of the same family. 

When the customer completes the form two things will happen:

  1. The customer/personal record of the displayed person(s) will be updated with the relevant selections that were made
  2. A versioned record of the submission will be stored in membermeister. In addition membermeister will store details about the date the submission was made, the IP address of the device at the time of the submission, the name and description of each custom field at the time of submission and the value that was entered.

How to customise your form

You can add additional fields to your form that may be specific to your business. You may typically want to add fields such as 'Terms and Conditions', 'Photo Permission', 'Special Consent for sensitive data', etc.

At this time you need to submit a request to the membermeister team who will then add the relevant fields to your form.
Note: at this time you may need to submit the form multiple times, once for each custom field you'd like us to add.

What types of custom fields does membermeister support?

We currently support

  • Text fields: Plain text fields, great for free text responses
  • Checkboxes: Used for a Yes/No answer, such as Photo Permission
  • Dropdowns: A dropdown menu, ideal for select one of multiple options, such as 'Referral Source' or 'Where did you hear about us'

Required fields
You can also ensure that a field must be completed before the form can be submitted. This is called a required field.

Help text
Finally, if a field requires a little more explanation you can add a short paragraph of text to explain things in more detail.

Customising your form

Please contact the membermeister team by completing this form.
Note: at this time you may need to submit the form multiple times, once for each custom field you'd like us to add. 

For each new field you'd like to add please include the following:

  • Name of the field, for example 'Photo Permission'
  • Does this field already exist in your account? You can check this by logging into your account, selecting Account Settings at the top right of the page and scroll down to the custom fields section. If the field doesn't yet exist then we will create it for you.
  • The type of the field. This must be either Text, Checkbox or Dropdown
  • For a Dropdown item, please include no more than 7 options. For example in the case of a referral field you may include 'Facebook, Google, Friend, Flyer, other'.
  • Any help text for each field that you want to display on the form (this is optional).It is possible to include HTML code as part of this help text and we recommend you use this to link to your terms and conditions page on your own website rather than include them in full on the form. 
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