By default membermeister provides you with a series of fields that you can use to store someone's personal details. These range from things like name and gender to date of birth and contact details.

Sometimes it can be useful to create your own fields to capture information that may be specific to your needs, for example registration numbers or photo permission. For this reason membermeister offers the concept of custom fields - custom because you can create and name them according to your needs.

View and create custom fields

To create new custom fields simply follow these steps.

1. Log into your membermeister account and click your name in the top right hand corner. Then select Account Settings.

2. Scroll down to the custom fields section. 

3. Use the 'New custom field' option to create a new custom field or use the remove option to delete a custom field.

4. Click 'Save changes'.

NOTE: If you remove a custom field and then select 'Save changes' you will lose any data associated with that custom field. 

Added functionality with custom fields

In addition to simply displaying custom fields as part of someone's profile you can also expose a custom field on your public registration form or confirmation page for personal details. Typical use cases include capturing photo permission and the agreement to terms and conditions of the business.

Further reading

To learn more about this added functionality of custom fields check out the following two articles:
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