As you probably know, you can collect payments for invoices issued in membermeister by Direct Debit through our GoCardless integration.

Collecting the initial payment (no Direct Debit mandate in place):

If your customer pays you for the first time and doesn't already have a Direct Debit mandate in place then one needs to be set up before payment can be collected.
Payment collection in that case takes six working days:
A weekend or late submission (after 4pm) can delay things a bit more as processing of payments only take place on working days (Monday to Friday).  This means that a late submission on a Friday afternoon will sit there until the following Monday before being processed.

Collecting subsequent payments (Direct Debit mandate in place):

Direct Debit payments using an existing mandate usually take 5 working days to clear which means they are slightly quicker than the initial payment.

Your customers are always notified 3 working days before any funds are taken from their bank account.

Additional information:

More information about Direct Debit timings can be found on the GoCardless website.

Check out this video from GoCardless which explains payment timings in detail.

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