Membermeister currently doesn’t have a dedicated credit note function, but we are aiming to add this at some point. In the meantime, the simple method below allows you to accurately record and apply credit as required, using tags.

Please note: this guide assumes you have a basic understanding of tagging. If you haven’t used tags before and would like to learn the basics, check out the handy help article below.

Using tags to manage students and members

The first step is to create a tag against the customer’s name, reflecting that they are in credit, specifying the credit amount. For example, the tag could read “Credit £50”.

Optionally, you could also put a reference on the tag relating to the invoice period it is to be credited against, just in case you forget to remove the tag after applying the credit. This ensures that you don’t then apply the same credit twice, when it comes to the following invoice run. For example, the tag could be called “CR £50 Summer”, indicating £50 credit is due on the summer term invoice run.

When you do your next invoice run, you will see the tag at the top of the invoice under the customer’s name, as shown below.

The next step is to edit the invoice and add the credit.

You can then send the invoice as you normally would. The customer will see on the invoice that the credit amount has been applied and they will know the exact amount due to pay.

Top tip: Don’t forget to delete the tag after you’ve applied the credit!

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