These are invoices where a customer has attempted payment via GoCardless but the payment has not successfully been completed. By clicking on the Show all button you will see the full list of invoices with a payment issue, along with the status of each invoice.

Failed Payments

For invoices that show a "Payment error" - you can find out more information by selecting the invoice and hover your mouse over the "Failed" label. This will provide you with more information on why the payment has failed.  

Retrying Failed Payments
For failed payments, you can easily retry the payment by clicking the link - "Retry this payment". 

Note: If the payment failed a while ago, it may be worth warning your customer that you have retried the payment (so they can expect the payment to come out of their bank account and ensure they have sufficient funds to cover it.)

Pending Payments

When a payment has been pending for longer than three weeks, this is usually due to the mandate not being set up properly (for example joint accounts may need both signatures to set up the mandate, which is done by paper form).  GoCardless will have contacted your customer advising them how to do this.   

In order to retry these pending payments and to find out more information - you will need to log into your GoCardless account directly. However, it may be easier to cancel the mandate and ask the customer to set up the payment from another bank account, or alternatively take payment in an alternative way.

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