When a customer leaves your organisation, you may want to keep their details in case you need to contact them in the future to tell them about special offers, new classes or address outstanding payments.

For ease of administration, it's good to keep these customers separate from your active students and convert them to an archived student.

Archiving a member will not delete their existing paid invoices or enrolment history, therefore archiving is an ideal way to maintain a member's record. If you want to email them occasionally after they have left, you will still have all of their details.

By archiving a member the system will prompt you to remove them from any active or upcoming classes they are enrolled in. If you have generated invoices for this member already that are unpaid and which may not get paid (for example because they have now decided to drop out) it will allow you to remove these invoices at the same time.

After a member has been marked as archived they are hidden from the main parts of the system.  You will no longer see archived members in the main member overview but you can select the option to show all archived students. 

You won't be able to enrol them into a new class unless you make them an active member again first. This can be done on their member profile page.

Also, if you select 'Advanced options' when creating a new message, you have the option to send to all archived students, which is very handy for marketing purposes.

A complete walkthrough of how to archive a student can be seen in the video below.

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