In response to the Corona virus epidemic, the team at membermeister has been busy building a simple yet effective way to schedule and run classes online.

Allow me to show you how you to set up classes and run them online, with full timetable integration.

Scheduling an online class, in a nutshell

  • In membermeister, navigate to the new class page

  • Select the 'enable online class' option (the exact label may differ from 'class' for you depending on how your account is configured)

  • Add the link/URL to your online meeting (we recommend Zoom)

  • Then schedule and create the class as normal

Inviting students

You can easily send invites to your students by selecting the envelope icon next to the online class link.

The student timetable

Apart from sending a message that contains the online class URL and invite, the student can also access those details via their own personal timetable.

The link to the timetable is included in all invoice emails by default but you can also include it in other messages by selecting the 'Include timetable' checkbox on the New message page. 

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.
We hope you enjoy this new feature.

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