What are the benefits of offering instalments to your customers?

  1. Make it easier for your customers to pay you. Avoid bill-shock by splitting up larger invoices into more manageable amounts and make sure you do not lose your most cost-sensitive customers.
  2. Strengthen customer relationships. Providing flexible payment options allows you to offer a bespoke service to your customers. All this without the hassle of managing it yourself - membermeister automates everything behind the scenes.
  3. Increase customer lifetime value. By spreading the cost of your services out over time, your customers are likely to be willing to spend more money with you in the long run.


  1. Make sure your account is GoCardless enabled.
  2. Instalments only work if your GoCardless integration is set up for auto-collection.

Collecting an invoice via instalments

Collecting payments via instalments is simple. Just set it up when you're ready to send the invoice to your customer.

Step 1

Click 'Send Invoice' for the invoice you'd like to split payments up over instalments.

Step 2

Write your invoice message as usual.

Next check the box at the bottom labeled 'Enable automatic payment collection for this invoice'. You will see two options:

  1. 'Collect using a single payment'
  2. 'Collect using multiple instalments'

Use the second option to collect payment using instalments.

Note: You will only see these options if that customer has a valid Direct Debit mandate in place

Step 3

The next step is to choose the date for first payment. It's pre-selected with the first possible charge date according to the customer's Direct Debit mandate.

After this choose the number of payments and frequency (weekly, monthly or quarterly) you'd like to set. You will notice the 'Payment Schedule' below will automatically update to reflect any changes.

All that is left to do is press the big 'Send and collect payment' button.

This will send the invoice to your customer as normal, but now will automatically collect payments based on the schedule you choose. 😀😀

Step 4

When viewing the invoice you will see the payment schedule in the payments section.

Now you will notice a little "clock" symbol - this is to indicate these payments will be collected at a future date.

Note: Your invoice will remain in an 'Open' state until all payments in the schedule have been paid out.

Here is a short video walk through.

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