Sometimes it's important to keep on top of your class sizes. Waiting lists are an ideal way to keep track of who's waiting for a class when it's already full.

Use this feature when a class is in high demand and you don't want to lose track of who is waiting to take a spot when one becomes available.

Add students to a waiting list

  1. From the classes overview page, select the class you want to create the waiting list for

  2. At the bottom of the student list select the 'Create waiting list' button

  3. This will open a dialog where you can select one or more students to add

  4. Make your student selection, then select the Update waiting list button

  5. You have now added one or more students to the class's waiting list

Managing the waiting list

The list is ordered based on when each student was added; students waiting the longest are at the top of the list.

You have two options for managing students on the list by selecting the three dots icon on the right of each student's name:

  1. Add student to the class
    This will remove the student from the waiting list and enrol them into the class.

  2. Remove student from the list
    This will simply delete the student from the waiting list.

Please see the animation below for a walkthrough of this feature.

We hope you find the waiting list feature useful.

Please contact us if you need any help or have any questions about it.

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