One of the most common tasks after rolling your classes over to a new term is to disable (or blank out) some dates throughout that term. This may be due to a bank holiday, half term school holiday or for any reason why no classes can take place on those dates.

Please note:
You would most commonly want to disable certain dates after rolling your classes over to a new term. Please check our article
Rolling classes over to a new term first and then come back here.

Membermeister makes it easy to disable a session or a range of sessions throughout one or more classes. Disabling a session will keep the date of that session visible on the timeline but makes it obvious that no class takes place that day. Moreover when you produce invoices for that class this day will be excluded and the student will not be charged (unless you charge a flat fee for the entire term).

A disabled session looks like this:

In order to disable one or more sessions across one or more classes follow these steps.

  1. Select Classes/Terms Overview

  2. Choose the classes you want to show from the dropdown on the right, for example 'upcoming classes'

  3. Using the checkboxes on the left select one more classes. You can select all by using the topmost checkbox (this is the most common way of doing this).

  4. Select the 'disable dates'  button by clicking it

  5. In the date selector that opens click the dates you want to disable, then select 'Save'

This screen recording shows the process. 

Note there is currently no undo apart from accessing each class and reverting any disabled dates there so make sure you are selecting the correct classes. The other way to revert it is to contact us :-)

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