There are currently four different ways to issue an invoice that is not your usual class fee invoice to a large number of students quickly. Regardless of which approach you take, your end result will be a series of essentially identical invoices made out to multiple students.

It depends on the task at hand which approach is most suitable but the options are as follows:

  1. From the Invoices > New Invoice page by selecting multiple students manually , then issuing the invoice
  2. By creating a class such as a show or other one-off event, adding the students that you want to invoice for the event and then creating invoices for that class as usual
  3. By tagging the students that you'd like to invoice, selecting the tag by clicking it and then selecting 'Create invoices' 
  4. By navigating into a class and choosing 'Create one-off invoices' from the 'more...' button at the top right.

This 3 minute video shows the 4 different approaches.
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