With membermeister's GoCardless integration you can keep your customers happy and offer them a hassle-free way to pay you. On top of that all invoices paid through membermeister's GoCardless integration are reconciled automatically for you saving you hours of time every month.

You only pay a small fee of 1.8% plus 20p per payment, much cheaper than PayPal or other comparable online payment methods which quite often don't even do the reconciliation for you. Most of our customers use GoCardless with great success, enhancing their cash flow and reducing late payers.

Setting up GoCardless

Enabling your membermeister account to receive payments through GoCardless is a very simple process.

Step 1

Select 'Account Settings' in your membermeister account. You can find this by clicking on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.
Then scroll down to the 'Payment options' section and select 'Enable Direct Debit'

Step 2

Confirm the next dialogue by selecting 'Enable Direct Debit'. This will take you to a page hosted by GoCardless which lets you log in to an existing GoCardless account (if you happen to have one already) or create a new GoCardless account. Your GoCardless account will then be linked to membermeister.

Note: If you are signing up for a new GoCardless account then please choose the 'Standard' plan. You do not need 'Plus' or 'Pro'.

Step 3

Complete the signup form and then select 'Create an account' (or select 'Sign in' if you already have a GoCardless account). 

Step 4

Complete the details on the following page to link your bank account to GoCardless. Once completed you will be taken back to membermeister.

Step 5

The account verification that GoCardless carries out can take a few days to complete. Payouts are only possible once that's done.

And that's it. You're all set to provide your customers with a convenient way to pay you and have all invoices reconciled automatically.

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