Setting up and using a student discount, for example a sibling discount or bursary, consists of 3 steps:

  • creating the discount
  • adding the discount to the student
  • apply the discount during invoicing

Step 1: Creating the discount
From the main menu select Invoices > Items & Discounts

On the following page select 'New Discount'

Enter a description, a discount rate and choose fixed amount or percentage.
Note: if you choose a fixed amount please enter a minus sign before the amount, for example to adda £2 discount add -2. 

Click 'Add Discount' once you're done.

Step 2: Adding the discount to the student
To add the discount to a student find the student in the system, select their name by clicking on it and then select 'Edit'.

On the next page scroll to the bottom, select the discount from the dropdown and then select 'Update' to save it. 

The discount is now configured. For it to take effect it needs to be applied whilst generating an invoice.

Step 3: Apply the discount during invoicing

All that's left to do is to apply it during an invoice run by selecting the Student Discount option. 

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