SMS messages are great for time-sensitive messages such as last minute cancellations. Membermeister allows you to send messages to individual students as well as specific classes.

Enabling your account for SMS messages

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Account Settings

3. Scroll down to the SMS Messages section and select 'Enable SMS messages' to start the set up process. 

4. On the next screen you can choose a sender name. This will show up when customers or students receive your message. Due to network restrictions this is limited to 11 characters. 

5. Lastly select 'Enable SMS messages' again to complete the process. 

Your membermeister account is now enabled to send SMS messages. 

To send SMS messages
you can 

  1. Select Messages > New SMS message and pick individual recipients 

2. Select a class and from the 'More' menu select 'Send SMS message'

SMS credit fees are as follows:

125 credits: £10.00
350 credits: £25.00
800 credits: £50.00

These credits never expire.
A message that is being sent to 10 recipients will use 10 credits. 

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