Once classes are set up in membermeister and students have been added you're ready to enrol them. 

Please note: the terminology for classes, terms, students, members and so on can be configured for each account and may vary in the examples below from what is configured on your account.

Follow these steps to enrol students. 

  1. From the classes/terms overview page select a class to access the class details page for a particular class. 
  2. Select the Update button to open the dialogue window to modify class details and add students. If no students are enrolled yet then you may also select the 'Add students' button to open the same dialogue window.

3. In the dialogue window that opens place your cursor into the Students field. 

4. You can now type a few letters of the student's name that you wish to enrol. Once you find the student you can highlight their name and press return on your keyboard or select the student by clicking on their name.

5. Repeat this process for additional students. 

6. Once done select 'Update' at the bottom of the dialogue window to save the enrolled students. 

For a walk-through of the entire process please watch the following recording.

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