You can duplicate (or roll over) classes to a new term from the classes/terms overview page. You do this by selecting the classes you wish to duplicate, selecting the 'Duplicate' button, picking new start and end dates and then duplicating your existing classes.

Membermeister will copy over the class names, prices, schedules and enrolled students. You can review the duplicated classes before saving them. 

Here's a full screen recording of the workflow and a step by step instruction is below.

Step by step walkthrough

1. First bring up the classes you want to to roll over. 

Do this by selecting, for example, 'recently finished (3 weeks)' from the dropdown menu. The correct option here will depend on when you decide to do this. 

If all your current classes are still active then the default option of 'active and upcoming' would be fine. If your classes have already finished then the 'recently finished (3 weeks)' option would more likely be correct. 

Note: if some of the classes in your current term are active whilst others have already finished then it is best to first duplicate the active ones, then then recently finished ones. This is because it is currently challenging to show both active and recently finished classes in one list.

2. Use the checkbox in the top left to select all currently shown classes. You can uncheck individual classes one by one of needed but in most cases you will probably roll over all classes.

3. Once you have selected the classes, use the Duplicate button to open to duplicate dialogue. 

4. Pick a start and end date

In the dialogue that opens you can pick a start and end date for your new term. Choose the date of the very first class and the date of the very last class of the new term.

5. Select the duplicate button to start the duplication process. 

6. Review your classes.
You can now review the duplicated classes and either start over or save them. It is important to make sure that the dates are correct. Once you have saved the classes you would need to delete them one by one in case of a mistake. We're hoping to add bulk-delete options in a future update.

That's it. You've rolled your classes over to a new term.

Want to disable any half term or bank holiday dates now?
We suggest you now navigate back to the overview page where you can blank out any holiday periods or days when you do not run any classes.
See the article Disabling dates throughout a class or term for more details.

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